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Do me a favour

Alternative Name Do Me a Favour [Ongoing] - Version: 0.1.3
Publisher GuidanceGames
Year 2021
Status currently publishing
Views 58
Type Visual novel
Release Date 27/09/2023

Title: “Do Me a Favor” Review

“Do Me a Favor” is a fictional adult game developed by GuidanceGames, designed exclusively for players aged 18 and above. This dating simulation game combines elements of a visual novel with a diverse range of adult content. In this review, we’ll delve into various aspects of the game, including its graphics, gameplay, storyline, and adult content.

The game features 2D graphics reminiscent of comic book artistry. The visual style effectively conveys the game’s narrative and atmosphere. Character designs and backgrounds are detailed, and the art style, resembling a comic book, adds a unique touch to the experience. The animations within intimate scenes are presented as a detailed slideshow with partial animation, which fits the comic book aesthetic.

As a player, you assume the role of a young blacksmith who embarks on a journey to the kingdom of “Krom” to establish a forge. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter intriguing characters, engaging tasks, and, of course, numerous romantic encounters. The gameplay mechanics primarily revolve around decision-making, where your choices affect the unfolding narrative. The game’s user interface is intuitive, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The narrative of “Do Me a Favor” centers on your character’s adventures in the kingdom of “Krom.” It weaves an engaging story filled with various characters and creatures, each contributing to the overall plot. The quality of writing and character interactions adds depth and immersion to the storyline, making it an integral part of the game.

Adult Content:
The game includes a significant amount of explicit adult content, which is seamlessly integrated into the storyline. The intimate scenes are presented in 2D comic book style, with detailed slideshows and partial animations. Players can also customize aspects of these scenes, adding a level of personalization to the content.

“Do Me a Favor” is a unique adult game that successfully blends visual novel elements with a comic book-inspired aesthetic. Its engaging storyline, well-designed characters, and intuitive gameplay mechanics make it an appealing choice for fans of the genre. The explicit adult content is tastefully presented and offers customization options.

System requirements: Features:
OS: Windows PC/Mac.
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0, or DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Storage: 500 MB available space.
Censorship: Uncensored.
Game Engine: Ren’Py.

Download links
Windows Download Links 1.
Windows Download Links 2.
Mac OS Download Links 1.
Mac OS Download Links 2.

How to install?
Extract to desired location.
Click on “Do me a Favour.exe” to start playing.

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Rated 4 out of 5
September 27, 2023

Fantasy… I love this theme. Looks nice.

Avatar for DoTs

Slytherin rules!

Rated 4 out of 5
September 27, 2023

It’s strange that this game slipped past me.

Avatar for Saloris