Fallen Valkyrie (V: 0.322)

Alternative Name Fallen Valkyrie [Ongoing] - Version: 0.322
Year 2024
Status currently publishing
Views 232
Type Visual Novel, Rpg
Release Date 09/06/2024

“Fallen Valkyrie” is a titillating adventure game developed by TentacleWolf. Set in a world of cursed Valkyrie princesses and queens, the game delves into a plethora of mature themes, including NTR, fallen-training, SM, lesbianism, monsters, exhibitionism, slavery, orgies, adultery, prostitution, pregnancy, and crossbreeding. Players navigate through various routes and endings based on their actions and choices, promising a diverse and engaging experience.

The game’s crowdfunding model involves periodic updates rather than monthly settlements, ensuring continuous development until completion. With each update, crowdfunding commitments are settled, allowing supporters to contribute to the game’s progress effectively.

The artwork and animation style vary depending on the scenes, but overall, the game features captivating visuals, whether in 2D or 3D. Scenes involving mature content are meticulously crafted, adding depth and immersion to the gameplay experience.

Overall, “Fallen Valkyrie” offers an intriguing blend of fantasy, mature themes, and interactive storytelling, making it a must-play for fans of adult-oriented adventure games.

Rating: 8/10

System requirements: Features:
OS: Windows PC.
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0, or DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Storage: 1 GB available space.
Censorship: Uncensored.
Game Engine: RPGM.

Download links
Windows Download Links 1.
Windows Download Links 2.
Windows Download Links 3.

How to install?
Extract and run.

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June 9, 2024


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June 9, 2024

Not bad…

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