Indecent Wife Hana: Gravure (V: 0.1.3Public)

Alternative Name Indecent Wife Hana: Gravure [Ongoing] - Version: 0.1.3Public
Year 2024
Status currently publishing
Views 121
Type Visual novel, Quest
Release Date 19/03/2024

“Indecent Wife Hana” is a visual novel game centered around the theme of wife sharing. Players follow the story of Hana, a loving housewife who used to be a swimsuit model in her youth. When her husband, Tatsuki, discovers her past, she decides to do another photoshoot with the same photographer, leading to a series of events that explore the boundaries of their relationship.

The game features a story-rich narrative with character-driven plotlines and multiple routes, each offering a unique experience based on player choices. With 71 illustrations and 3 animations, the game immerses players in its world, with more content regularly added through monthly updates.

One notable aspect of the game is its adult content, which includes intimate scenes depicted through a detailed slideshow format with partial animation and customization options. The game’s graphics are standard for visual novels, with 2D visuals and no elaborate animations.

Overall, “Indecent Wife Hana” offers an engaging storyline with themes of intimacy and exploration of boundaries within relationships. However, its focus on adult content may not be suitable for all players.

Rating: 7/10

System requirements: Features:
OS: Windows PC/Linux/Mac.
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0, or DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Storage: 1 GB available space.
Censorship: Uncensored.
Game Engine: Ren’Py.

Download links
Windows Download Links 1.
Windows Download Links 2.
Windows Download Links 3.

Mac OS Download Links 1.
Mac OS Download Links 2.
Linux Download Links 1.
Linux Download Links 2.

How to install?
Extract the compressed file to an specific folder.
(If you get error in winrar, use DAEMON tool lite to mount the compressed file as a disk and then copy the game files from that virtual disk.)
Open the folder and run the .exe file to play.

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