Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire Breathing Brat (V: Final)

Alternative Name Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire Breathing Brat [Finished] - Version: Final
Year 2022
Status completed
Views 139
Type Visual Novel
Release Date 01/05/2024

“Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-Breathing Brat!” is a captivating 2D visual novel crafted in an anime-style aesthetic. This game immerses players into a Japanese visual storytelling experience, featuring vibrant and memorable characters. While the game primarily targets adult audiences with its static slideshow sex scenes, it also appeals to newcomers exploring this genre.

In this visual novel, players assume the role of a coach overseeing a group of monster girl students. While most of the team cooperates diligently, there’s one exception – Freya von Knox, a mischievous dragon girl. She manipulates the protagonist into a compromising situation, forcing them into enduring her sexual advances under the threat of ruining their life. However, with the help of Freya’s classmates, the coach gains control to confront her.

Developed by Outis Media, “Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-Breathing Brat!” boasts engaging storytelling, with scenario and programming by M.E. Hatch and artwork by VAPORDRIPS. Players navigate through a narrative filled with coercion and debauchery, as they strive to bring the disobedient Freya to heel.

The game offers three explicit erotic scenes illustrated by VAPOR, showcasing Freya’s dominance. Dr. Doot contributes an original soundtrack, enhancing the game’s immersive experience. With five possible endings, players shape Freya’s fate and their own in this interconnected tale of blackmail and lust.

In summary, “Slay the Dragon! Taming the Fire-Breathing Brat!” delivers an enticing blend of storytelling and adult content, appealing to fans of the genre. However, its focus on dubious sexual consent may not suit all players’ preferences.

Rating: 8/10

System requirements: Features:
OS: Windows PC.
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0, or DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Storage: 1 GB available space.
Censorship: Uncensored.
Game Engine: Others.

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How to install?
Extract and run.

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May 1, 2024

The game is certainly not this year, but I liked it.

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┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴

May 1, 2024


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