Game of Moans: The Whores of Winter (V: 0.2.9)

Alternative Name Game of Moans: The Whores of Winter [Abandoned] - Version: 0.2.9
Year 2020
Status interrupted
Views 174
Type Visual novel
Release Date 18/10/2023

Game of Moans: Whispers From The Wall is a visually stunning and stylish game set in a unique 2D art style. It’s an unofficial fanfiction game inspired by the world of Game of Thrones, specifically taking place at the Night’s Watch fortress on the Wall in the North of the continent. In this game, you become involved in mysterious events related to succubi. It’s a stylish visual novel that doesn’t demand high-end PC specifications.

The gameplay revolves around decision-making, dialogue choices, relationship-building, mini-games, and investigating the events within the game’s narrative. The game’s sex scenes are partially animated and unfold as you progress, with no censorship. The game is artistically well-crafted, with carefully thought-out dialogues, making the storyline a central focus.

**Visuals and Graphics**: Game of Moans features a unique 2D art style, which is visually captivating. The character designs and environments are well-crafted, providing a rich and immersive experience. The partial animation adds an extra layer of engagement.

**Gameplay Mechanics**: The game offers engaging decision-making and relationship-building mechanics. The mini-games and investigative aspects contribute to the gameplay’s depth and variety.

**Storyline and Narrative**: The game’s narrative is a standout feature. It effectively immerses players in a fanfiction storyline set in the Game of Thrones universe, focusing on mysterious events and succubi. The writing and dialogues are well-executed, enhancing the overall experience.

**Adult Content**: Game of Moans delivers explicit adult content with a 2D art style and partial animation. The scenes are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, and there is no censorship. The portrayal and treatment of adult themes are integral to the storyline, making it an important part of the game’s appeal.

**Audio and Sound Design**: The game boasts full environmental voicing and a well-crafted musical background, enhancing immersion.

**Technical Performance**: Game of Moans appears to be technically stable and well-optimized, providing a smooth gaming experience.

**Replayability and Content Depth**: The game offers replay value through its decision-based gameplay, with branching paths and diverse content.

**Community and Support**: The developer’s support through Patreon is a commendable way to engage with the player community.

It’s worth noting that the game is currently on temporary hiatus as the developer is occupied with another project. However, they have promised to bring the game to its final stage in the future.

**Overall Score**: 9/10

Game of Moans: Whispers From The Wall is a highly engaging and visually appealing adult game that successfully immerses players in its fanfiction narrative, delivering explicit content within a well-crafted 2D art style. The temporary development hiatus is a minor setback, but it’s an exciting prospect to see the game reaching its final stage in the future.

System requirements: Features:
OS: Windows PC/Linux/Mac.
Processor: 2.0 GHz, Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0, or DirectX 9.0c compatible.
Storage: 1 GB available space.
Censorship: Uncensored.
Game Engine: Ren’Py.

Download links
Windows/Linux Download Links 1.
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Mac-OS Download Links 1.
Mac-OS Download Links 2.
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How to install?
Extract and run.

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October 18, 2023

I really like this visual style. I also love the Game of Thrones cinematic universe (I won’t lie, I was too lazy to read the books).

Avatar for DoTs

Yes, it's me - Guts!

October 18, 2023

I wish I had gotten the game sooner. Even more disappointing is that the game was cancelled. I hope the developer will return to the project. But even in this form the project is playable.

Avatar for Berserk