Carrot and Vixel

The Forest of Love (V: 0.33)
Visual novel, Quest 2023

Carrot and Vixel are figures deeply immersed in the world of game development, specializing particularly in adult games. Their journey in this field reflects a blend of artistic passion and technical expertise, each bringing unique skills and aspirations to their collaborative efforts.

Carrot, a versatile artist with a rich background in illustration and commission work spanning back to 2007, has expanded their creative horizons into diverse realms such as animation, game design, and writing. Their multifaceted talents extend to directing and music composition, marking them as a dynamic force eager to showcase their artistic range beyond traditional illustration.

In contrast, Vixel, described metaphorically as a playful fox, intertwines a professional career in programming with a burgeoning interest in game design and storytelling. With ambitions set on transitioning into full-time game development, Vixel seeks to harmonize technical prowess with a passion for crafting immersive and entertaining experiences. Their expertise spans game programming, Unity animation, and technical direction, positioning them as a pivotal figure in realizing innovative gaming concepts.

Together, Carrot and Vixel collaborate on projects that prioritize compelling narratives and captivating visuals, driven by their shared dedication to art, animation, and game design. Their current endeavor, “The Forest of Love,” stands as a significant milestone in their pursuit of realizing ambitious visions within the game development landscape.

For those curious about their creative journey or eager to explore their current projects, delving into their portfolio or engaging with their social media presence promises deeper insights into their evolving artistic endeavors and forthcoming releases.

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