RadLord Studios

Hazelnut Latte (V: 0.9)
Visual Novel 2024

RadLord Studios, an indie developer renowned for its creation of adult-themed visual novels, is notably recognized for **”Hazelnut Latte”**. This visual novel unfolds in Jade City, following a traveling businessman who frequents a local coffee shop. There, he develops a relationship with Hazel, a barista who surprises him by revealing herself as a femboy. The game delves into themes of gender identity and romance, offering players choices that significantly influence the storyline and lead to diverse romantic outcomes.

Operating primarily on platforms like Patreon and Itch.io, RadLord Studios actively engages its audience by providing early access to new builds and stories. The studio collaborates with external artists such as Kokman for commissioned artwork, ensuring a vibrant visual experience for players. Regular updates keep the community informed about game progress and address technical issues to enhance performance across various devices.

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