Sesalia Dev Team

Ero-Gen 2 ( V: 0.1.02)
Interactive story, Rpg 2023
Ero-Gen (V: 1.0)
Interactive story, Rpg 2020

Sesalia Dev Team is an adult game developer and publisher, best known for the “Ero-Gen” series. Their first notable project, “Ero-Gen (Original),” was completed in September 2023 and is available in its entirety for free as the “Ero-Gen Gold Edition.” Following this success, they began development on “Ero-Gen 2” also in September 2023. This sequel is offered in two versions: Free and Gold, with the Free version intended as a trial to ensure player compatibility and enjoyment before potentially upgrading to the Gold version for additional support and content.

In February 2024, Sesalia Dev Team started working on “Ero-Gen Hush-n-Rush,” a spin-off from the main series. This game is freely accessible to all players, embodying the team’s gesture of appreciation, independent of financial backing, although any support remains welcome.

The Sesalia Dev Team’s funding strategy heavily relies on community support. By providing free versions of their games, they aim to reach a wider audience while offering enhanced Gold versions for those who choose to financially back their projects. Their overarching ambition is to achieve sufficient revenue from game sales to cover development costs, enabling them to transition away from the current reliance on external funding. The team remains grateful to their supporters, hopeful that ongoing contributions will help them reach a sustainable model.

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