Andrealphus Game

Andrealphus Games is a small yet passionate team of Python coders, artists, and writers dedicated to creating games—specifically adult games. They are launching a Patreon campaign to further their creative endeavors.

Their main game for this campaign is “Love & Sex: Second Base.” This dating sim will be partially available for free and will receive monthly updates, with the quality and size of these updates improving with increased patron support. Each month, towards the end, new characters, features, scenes, and story events are added to the game.

“Love & Sex: Second Base” is accessible on Steam and The game allows players to step into the shoes of a geeky guy or girl who becomes roommates with two attractive individuals, encountering a variety of unique and memorable characters in daily life. Players can choose to be either a guy or a girl and navigate through the complexities of romance and relationships.

The game features two main characters: Mike and Bree. Mike, a young coder in a large company, struggles with his love life despite being surrounded by beautiful women. After being cheated on by his high school sweetheart and discovering his latest love interest is dating his friend, Mike’s journey for love is in your hands. Will he find happiness, or will he remain alone?

Bree, on the other hand, is a socially awkward college freshman who is penniless. Players can help Bree find a job, succeed in her studies, and become a successful woman or lead her down a darker path of drugs and debauchery. Essentially, the players control their lives and love lives.

The story of Andrealphus Games began in 2017 when the founder started creating humorous NSFW games as a hobby. Five years and four games later, the team has grown to six members, including developers, narrative designers, artists, and marketing and administration managers. Though based in France, they collaborate with freelancers worldwide on various projects.

In the coming years, Andrealphus Games aims to continue crafting entertaining games, exploring new universes, and enhancing the quality of their projects.