Dieselmine (ディーゼルマイン) is a Japanese company founded in 2001, specializing in the creation and publishing of adult games (eroge). They are known for their variety of genres, from visual novels and role-playing games to dating sims and adventure games.

Features of Dieselmine games include:

**Variety of Genres:** The company creates games on various themes, including fantasy, science fiction, fairy-tale and realistic scenarios.

**Visual Style:** Dieselmine are known for their unique visual style, which often includes vibrant and detailed graphics, animations and visual effects.

**Platforms:** Games are released for a variety of platforms, including personal computers and game consoles.

**Audience:** The main target audience of Dieselmine games are adult users interested in erotica and adult content.

Dieselmine is actively developing its portfolio and often releases new products that reflect the latest trends in the genre and player preferences.