Illusion, a Japanese game developer, specializes in creating adult games. Founded in 2000, the company has gained recognition for its high-quality games, often featuring elements of virtual reality and 3D graphics.

One of their most notable titles is Koikatsu Party, a game where players create and interact with characters in a school setting. This game offers extensive character customization options and includes a variety of different scenes and situations.

Koikatsu Sunshine, the sequel to Koikatsu Party, is set in a summer resort. It introduces new features and scenes while maintaining the comprehensive customization functions of the original game.

Honey Select stands out as one of Illusion’s most popular games. Players can create and interact with a diverse range of characters in various scenarios.

Another notable title, PlayHome, is similar to Honey Select but features a darker theme and storyline.

While Illusion’s games often face criticism for their content, they are also praised for their technological advancement and attention to detail. The company continues to release new games and updates for its existing titles, maintaining an active player community.