Kagura Games

Kagura Games is a company specializing in the localization and publishing of Japanese indie adult games for the international market. They focus on role-playing games (RPGs) and visual novels with erotic content. Here are a few key points about Kagura Games:

Specialization in Japanese Adult Games: Kagura Games is involved in translating and localizing Japanese adult games, making them accessible to the English-speaking audience.

Variety of Genres: The company’s catalog includes games of various genres, including RPGs, visual novels, and adventure games. Many of these games feature fantasy and adventure elements combined with adult content.

Quality Localization: Kagura Games is known for its high-quality localization, which includes not only text translation but also the adaptation of cultural aspects of the game for the Western audience. This includes adjusting humor, cultural references, and other elements to make the games more understandable and appealing to international players.

Platforms and Distribution: Games from Kagura Games are distributed through various online platforms such as Steam, JAST USA, Denpasoft, and others. They may also be available on the company’s official website.

Community and Support: The company actively engages with the gaming community through social networks and forums, maintaining feedback and improving its products based on user reviews.

Respect for the Original: When localizing games, Kagura Games strives to preserve the original vision of the developers, avoiding excessive changes, which is appreciated by fans of the original Japanese games.

Kagura Games plays an important role in introducing Japanese adult games to the international audience, making them accessible and understandable to a wider range of players.