Shady Corner Games

Shady Corner Games is a developer and publisher focused on creating adult video games and providing reviews of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) games. They are known for titles such as “Slime Girl Smoothies,” “Marble Maid,” and “Shady Lewd Kart,” which is noted as a significant crossover in the lewd gaming genre. Their goal is to produce games that combine enjoyable gameplay with satisfying adult content.

They engage with their community through platforms like Steam,, and their own website. Additionally, Shady Corner Games offers Patreon rewards that include voting on monthly polls, behind-the-scenes sketches, HD image packs, demos, and exclusive producer credits in their works. They also provide opportunities for patrons to participate in game design by naming characters, designing levels, or creating assets for their games.

The team, consisting of Shades, Molegato, and Ducky, is committed to expanding their presence in the NSFW gaming industry and delivering high-quality and engaging content to their audience. They regularly update their community through newsletters to keep supporters informed about their progress and upcoming releases.