“Cloudy Meadow” – Incredible farm simulator?

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Genre: Farming simulator / Economic strategy / Erotic game

“Cloud Meadow” is a unique combination of farming simulator, visual novel and role-playing adventure, allowing players to plunge into the world of fantasy and content development. Let’s organize ourselves into this magical world of Cloud Meadow, where islands created by ancient magic float in the sky, and where humans and monsters coexist in harmony.

Introduction to the world of “Cloud Meadow”

In this challenging erotic game, you take on the role of a frontline girl, Eva or Evana, a Union Academy graduate, and travel to a small town called Cloverton. Here you meet Jubel, the handsome director of operations for the European Union, and your first task is to restore the local farm to its former glory.

Farm management

The main part of the gameplay is managing the farm. You carefully care for plants, raise animals and manage the work. This part of the game is reminiscent of other popular farming simulators, but with a fantasy twist.

Breeding creatures

However, what makes Cloud Meadow especially interesting is the ability to breed various creatures, including monsters and fantasy creatures. Your essence may be extraordinary, and they may have special abilities. Develop them, take care of them and encourage them in battles.

Erotic content

Cloud Meadow also contains elements of impressive content. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to interact with various characters, develop romantic relationships with them, and unlock over 50 animated sex scenes. This game is not for everyone and is intended for adults only.

World exploration

The world of Cloud Meadow is a mysterious and wondrous spectacle, a fully crafted creature and treasure. You set out on a journey across the landscape, exploring untouched lands, solving riddles of the senders and uncovering ancient magical secrets.

Combat system

In addition to managing a farm and raising animals, Cloud Meadow offers an exciting combat system. You will discuss aggressive creatures and dangerous threats, using both your abilities and the abilities of your creatures.

Graphics and style

The graphics in the game are made in 2D style with animated effects. This beautiful gaming style is unique and has a charming look that suits the fantasy theme. The surrounding landscapes of Cloudy Meadow are simply mesmerizing and look exotic, adding a sense of mystery and adventure.

Developers and community

Cloud Meadow is developed by an **independent team** that is actively supported by the gaming community. The developers are constantly working on updates and improvements to the game, adding new content and fixing bugs. You can support them and keep up with the latest news on the project’s Patreon page.


Cloud Meadow is a game that offers a unique combination of genres, including farming simulator, fantasy and adult content. If you’re looking for a different gaming experience and aren’t afraid of adults, this game might interest you. However, please remember that it is intended for adults only and you must adhere to the appropriate age restrictions. Please also keep in mind that the game is under constant development and may be subject to updates and changes.



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