Naughty Underworld: Innovators in Adult Gaming

Hey everyone! In this article I want to introduce you to one small but very interesting development team – Naughty Underworld. If you are not familiar with the projects of these guys, now I will briefly tell you about both the company and their games.


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Naughty Underworld is a game development company specializing in adult-themed role-playing games (RPGs). Known for their engaging storylines, character depth, and intricate gameplay, Naughty Underworld has made a name for itself in the gaming industry. Their key projects, “The Solarion Project,” “Kingdom of Subversion,” and the upcoming “Welcome to Nicest,” highlight their dedication to creating immersive and provocative experiences.

The Solarion Project.

“Welcome aboard, Captain.” These words introduce players to “The Solarion Project,” an adult sci-fi RPG where you become the captain of a small transport vessel. As you gather an all-female crew, you’ll take on tasks for various factions, from criminal overlords to freedom fighters. The game’s plot thickens as your mysterious past, linked to your estranged father, unfolds.

The Solarion Project combines tactical turn-based strategy with a rich narrative and deep character interactions. With a core crew of six and many NPCs, the game offers numerous intimate relationships. Adult content is a significant part of the experience, featuring detailed romance options and explicit scenes. Regular updates ensure the game evolves, adding new characters, missions, and gameplay mechanics.

Supporting the game on platforms like and Subscribestar gives players access to updates and additional rewards, such as voting powers and exclusive content. This support is essential for the game’s development, including potential voice acting and advanced animations.

Kingdom of Subversion.

Kingdom of Subversion” places players in a fantasy world filled with political intrigue and corruption. As a half-goblin outcast, you ally with Queen Selvana of Umbrus to infiltrate and subvert the Kingdom of Lumis. Granted new powers, you aim to corrupt Lumis’ powerful individuals and gain access to its ruler, Queen Roserra.

Developed with RPG Maker MV by Nergal and Aimless, this game focuses on corrupting influential figures and engaging in short, strategic battles. Players can customize their character’s combat style, choosing between ranged, melee, and magic. The game features various NPCs, each with unique stories and personalities.

The adult content in “Kingdom of Subversion” is explicit and central to the game’s theme of corruption. Players will encounter numerous erotic scenes and have the opportunity to manipulate and seduce key characters. Support for the game enhances development, including more content, animations, and voice acting.

Welcome to Nicest.

Welcome to Nicest” is an upcoming adult RPG currently on hiatus. Set in the town of Nicest, players choose between two brothers: Chad, a confident younger brother starting public school, and Chuck, an older brother dealing with disruptions caused by Chad’s return.

Chad, after years of private schooling, is now surrounded by attractive women and must navigate his newfound freedom while keeping his desires in check. Chuck’s previously stable life is thrown into chaos as the women around him begin acting strangely, leading to mysterious and erotic encounters.

The game promises varied interactions with town residents, each offering unique storylines and intimate scenes. Naughty Underworld’s signature storytelling and character depth are expected to shine in this project. The adult content will be a significant aspect, with numerous explicit scenes and relationship dynamics.

Community Engagement and Development.


Naughty Underworld actively engages with its community through platforms like They provide regular updates, gather feedback, and address issues, ensuring their games remain dynamic and responsive to player needs. Transparency in their development process builds trust and fosters a dedicated fanbase.

Supporting Naughty Underworld’s projects helps expand game content and enhance features like animations and voice acting. Regular updates keep the community informed, making supporters feel involved in the development process.


Naughty Underworld excels in creating adult-themed RPGs that blend compelling narratives with complex gameplay. “The Solarion Project,” “Kingdom of Subversion,” and “Welcome to Nicest” demonstrate their unique ability to deliver immersive, provocative gaming experiences. Their dedication to community engagement and continuous development ensures their games remain at the forefront of adult gaming innovation. Naughty Underworld is set to continue being a significant player in this niche yet growing segment of the gaming industry.

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