“Princess And Conquest” – Save Dragons, defeat Princesses!

Have you dreamed of becoming a knight in shining armor and saving princesses from dragons? We have a great offer for you! You can save the dragons from the princesses!!!

Princess and Conquest is a fun fantasy adventure that throws players into a chaotic world after the sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon. This event sets off a chain of events that pose a grave threat to the kingdom, and the player is given a choice: save the land or plunge it into madness. The game is a unique combination of JRPG, visual novel and strategy elements. It also includes adult content allowing you to meet anime girls, furries and monsters. The characters are depicted in a “chibi” style, and unlike many other adult products, the emphasis is on gameplay rather than erotic content. This game complements the highly replayable gameplay with a developed plot.

Graphics and game style
The game is a 2D project with chibi-style characters. The graphics are made in an animation style with bright and creative character and world designs. The game’s style combines elements of fantasy, comedy and a bit of eccentricity, giving it a unique and recognizable look.

Game process
The Princess and the Conquest offers players an exciting gameplay with many possibilities. It is a partially open world with more than 400 maps, including cities, regular and hidden dungeons, various events, including secret ones, as well as numerous Easter eggs and NPCs with their own storylines. You can save princesses, conquer territories, build relationships with ladies, choose different development paths, level up, buy companions at goblin auctions, summon the undead, resurrect representatives of other races, turn everyone into rabbits, fight and complete tasks. Control is carried out using the keyboard, and it is important to save the game manually regularly.

Game world
The game features a huge world in which players will travel on foot, by boat, dig underground, dive or fly with wings on their backs. This world is populated with a variety of characters and dangers, providing players with a rich exploration experience.

The game’s plot begins with the sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon, which leads to chaos in the kingdom. Now it’s up to you to maintain order in the kingdom and save the lands or plunge the kingdom into madness. The plot develops through many dialogues, scenes and events, and your decisions will affect the course of events and the outcome of the game.

Adult Content
The Princess and the Conquest features mature content offering a variety of adult relationships and scenes. The graphical representation of this content is in the form of pixel animations and computer generated scenes, providing over 140 different animations and scenes. From vanilla love stories to more experimental plots, there’s something for every taste.

The “Princess and the Conquest” is a hybrid RPG where you, the knight, must make decisions that will determine the fate of a kingdom thrown into chaos after a certain “incident”. This game offers a huge world to explore, addictive gameplay and a rich story. With mature content and humor, Princess and Conquest offers players a unique and exciting adventure.


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