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Nowadays, a variety of games for adults are being created. It could be a colorful visual novel on the Ren’Py engine, or a role-playing game made on the RPGM platform, or more colorful games made on the Unity and Unreal Engine. Developers have different capabilities and different ways to implement their projects.
But all of them are united by one desire – to show us, the players, interesting stories containing content for adults of all genders (of course, over 18!!!).
Modern 3D graphics are not something exotic for games of this type. But developers sometimes create truly unique and unlike anything else projects. So, we want to introduce you to three interesting and new games. Let’s start with the analysis.


1 Waifu Dreams City.

And here is the first game from our list. It is very colorful and varied both in visual style and in game mechanics. The game will give players a lot of scope for gaming activities. But, let’s take everything in order.

Step into the vibrant world of “Waifu Dreams City,” a 3D adult sandbox game where players are free to explore and partake in a multitude of sexual adventures. With an array of solo and group encounters featuring characters of all genders, this game offers an immersive experience tailored for adult players.

Content Overview:
– Graphics: Immerse yourself in a distinctive plastic aesthetic reminiscent of anime characters, adding a unique charm to the game’s visuals. Enjoy animated sex scenes that contribute to the immersive experience and enhance the game’s addictive nature.
– Gameplay: Combine elements of a 3D sandbox and clicker game, where players strive to earn money to unlock new areas, outfits, and characters. Take on the role of a customizable character running a successful club, enticing dancers, and earning money through sexy performances and NPC encounters.
– Adult Content: Engage in a plethora of sexual activities, ranging from solo experiences to group encounters with characters of all genders. The game’s developer prioritizes community feedback, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for players.

About the Game:
As a player, dive into the dynamic virtual world of Waifu Dreams City, where your goal is to run a successful club by enticing dancers and earning money through sexy performances and interactions with NPCs. Click your way to wealth as you expand the club and enhance your character’s abilities.

The game’s community-focused developer actively listens to feedback and promptly addresses issues, ensuring a continuously evolving and enjoyable experience for players. With each new version release, previous versions are made available for free, fostering a supportive community atmosphere.

Key Features:
– Customize your character and run a successful club by enticing dancers and earning money through sexy performances.
– Experience a distinctive plastic aesthetic reminiscent of anime characters, enhancing the game’s visual appeal.
– Enjoy a multitude of sexual activities, from solo encounters to group adventures with characters of all genders.
– Engage in clicker-style gameplay to accumulate wealth and unlock new areas, outfits, and characters.

Rating: 8/10
“Waifu Dreams City” offers a captivating blend of clicker-style gameplay and adult content, appealing to fans of the genre. While its visuals and immersive experience are its main draws, players unfamiliar with clicker-style gameplay may find it less enjoyable. Nonetheless, with the promise of continuous expansion and community involvement, the game holds promise for future updates and enhancements.

2 The Big Thaw.

But the second game will be very interesting to those who are familiar with the Futurama franchise and love sci-fi themes.

Delve into the erotic reimagining of Fry’s first day in the future with “The Big Thaw,” an adult RPG game set in a pornographic world crafted by an artist renowned for their erotic renditions of famous cartoon characters. Join Fry as he embarks on a daring adventure alongside familiar faces from the beloved series, “Futurama.” With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, Fry must showcase his sexual prowess to save the world.

Content Overview:
– Graphics: Enjoy a blend of familiar cartoon characters and erotic scenarios, set in a pornographic reimagining of the Futurama universe. The game features both PG and X-rated versions to cater to different player preferences.
– Gameplay: Progress through two main phases: defrosting Fry and demonstrating his sexual skills to characters like Leela, Amy, and others from the Cryo Lab Staff. Unlock new scenes and puzzles as you interact with various characters and navigate the evolving storyline.
– Development: Currently in development with approximately 15% completed, “The Big Thaw” offers an evolving gaming experience with ongoing updates and improvements.

About the Game:
As Fry awakens from his deep freeze, the fate of humanity rests on his shoulders. Tasked with proving his worth as a breeding stud, Fry must navigate a world crisis and demonstrate his sexual prowess to Leela and other familiar faces from Futurama. With the fate of all living beings hanging in the balance, every decision Fry makes is crucial.

In addition to “The Big Thaw,” the developer is also working on “The Natural Hookup,” featuring realistic rendering and beach-themed storylines. However, due to the time-consuming nature of rendering scenes in this style, it may be the developer’s last project with this aesthetic.

Key Features:
– Encounter familiar cartoon characters in an erotic reimagining of Futurama.
– Navigate through an evolving storyline as Fry proves his worthiness to repopulate the world.
– Enjoy a blend of PG and X-rated content to suit different player preferences.

Rating: 7/10
“The Big Thaw” offers an engaging adult gaming experience with its unique premise, familiar characters, and evolving storyline. While still in development, it promises ongoing updates and improvements to entertain fans of adult content and RPG adventures alike.

3 The Magissy: Reloaded.

If you like games like The Witcher, then our third number in this review will definitely interest you.


Step into the fantastical realm of Lyrn in “Magissy: A Realm of Adventure and Desire,” an open-world, story-driven adult RPG that immerses players in a world of conflict, magic, and romance. Set against the backdrop of the ongoing struggle between the Order and the Destruction, players assume the role of a fearless adventurer navigating treacherous landscapes and engaging in captivating encounters.

Content Overview:
– Graphics: Experience a visually stunning world brought to life with colorful 3D graphics, populated by mysterious creatures and captivating characters.
– Gameplay: Embark on a journey through the floating island of Albae, where players encounter a diverse cast of characters and engage in both thrilling adventures and intimate encounters.
– Modes: Choose between “STORY” mode, focused on questing and narrative exploration, and “HAREM” mode, which delves into adult content and intimate scenes with unlocked characters.
– Features: Enjoy a robust RPG system that allows for customization of gameplay style, including male and female playable characters, advanced combat, and crafting systems.
– Themes: The game explores themes of power, desire, and the pursuit of love in a world rife with conflict and danger.

About the Game:
In “Magissy,” players explore the world of Lyrn, a realm embroiled in a war for control over the legendary artifact, the Source of Life. As the protagonist, players must navigate the complexities of the conflict, forming alliances, engaging in combat, and forging romantic connections with various characters along the way.

The game offers two modes of play, each catering to different player preferences. In “STORY” mode, players unravel the narrative and complete quests, while “HAREM” mode focuses on adult content and intimate encounters with unlocked characters.

Key Features:
– Engaging storyline inspired by classic RPGs, filled with mystery, danger, and romance.
– Vibrant 3D world populated by diverse characters and creatures.
– Choice-driven gameplay with branching narratives and multiple endings.
– Robust RPG systems, including combat, crafting, and character customization.
– Professionally voiced dialogue and fully-voiced adult scenes.

Rating: 8/10
“Magissy: A Realm of Adventure and Desire” offers an immersive gaming experience that seamlessly blends adventure, romance, and adult content. With its captivating storyline, richly detailed world, and engaging gameplay mechanics, it promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Lyrn. However, its explicit content and themes make it suitable for mature audiences only.

This is the end of the review. I hope you found it interesting and didn’t get bored.

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